“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” – Chris Grosser

How many times do you find yourself thinking, if only I had this ……….., I could do that ………………?

For me it was, if only I had chosen another career.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, I had a very specific professional qualification with no apparent path for transitioning to something else. With the reality of the mental strain of dealing with anxious patients, the day to day things that go wrong such as that mouth that just won’t open, the battle to run on time, navigating difficult root canals, crowns not fitting, difficulty numbing a patient, repeating the same oral hygiene and diet advice detracting from any enjoyment I gained from helping and working with people, my options appeared limited.

While struggling to find a way forward for my career, I did something I had always wanted to do – play tennis and came across a copy of the book The Inner Game of Tennis written by Timothy Gallwey. In his book, Tim talks about there being two fields of engagement in any human endeavour: the outer and the inner. The inner game takes place within our minds and is played against internal self-imposed opponents such as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and self- limiting beliefs or assumptions.

With plenty of my own self-doubts and assumptions, having chosen a career that appeared to limit what I could do, Tim’s book helped me think differently and develop a career outside of dentistry and discover a great talent for helping others learn, develop, think differently and shine….. as well as help me with my tennis!

With a unique breadth of skills and experience gained from roles that took me from dentistry to sales, coaching, leadership and business unit management, I have trained and coached people to achieve individual and team success in a range of business sectors including but not limited to medical, veterinary, professional services, pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, medical devices and learning technology.

My unique background provides skills and knowledge, gained first hand, to ensure training and coaching programs are inspiring, engaging and relevant so you can achieve your best performance yet.